Which collaboration tool do you prefer or use? [Survey]

After writing the previous post quite a few of you contacted me asking which tools I could suggest, which one is best, and it believe it or not, that is not an easy question somehow. I guess there are a few of them which we can really relate on, but it all comes up to which one we get used to and works better for us. So I thought that it could just ask you all, I’ll pass you the question, and maybe we can all create a much complete, objective  list of really best collaboration tools.

Please, make your choice, if you’d mind take a moment and comment why you chose it. Let’s all create a crowdsourcing or collective intelligence list with collaborative tools…

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Thank you!

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9 Responses to Which collaboration tool do you prefer or use? [Survey]

  1. Randy Pierce says:

    BroadVision’s Clearvale

  2. Prashanth says:


  3. Thomas says:

    I prefer http://www.agreedo.com, and sometimes googledocs

    • Henry says:


      yes that’s true. Already took a look at agreedo.com, and it seems to me as a no-flashy but also very useful tool for real everyday collaboration events (like meetings, chats, etc.)


  4. Ann Royston says:

    Ice3 has worked well for us.



  5. Deborah Fike says:

    I voted Google Docs for document sharing, but use Fellowstream for task management.

  6. Tony Jones says:

    I’ve recently switched from BaseCamp to BlueCamroo. I think for actual collaboration – i.e. working with a colleague or client directly on some document or design – BaseCamp is a bit more useable, but I’ve found BlueCamroo brilliant for the other king of collaboration: keeping on top of tasks and projects amongst team members. The fact it’s also got fully integrated CRM is a plus, and there’s a bunch of social network integrations and email marketing features that we’ve not even had time to get started on yet.

    Really, there’s so much choice of tools today. It’s working out really clearly what ‘collaboration’ means to you, and trialling a few alternatives.

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