9 June

Essential Webtools and Apps for businesses and freelancers

herramientas para empresa y pymes

Just a few years ago we had to carry a pen and paper if we wanted to work and write something down, but now we all have mobile phones (smartphones) and a computer, at least. Whether you run a business, are a freelancer or self-employed, there are some necessary apps and tools you should learn how to use if you want to increase your productivity and always be connected. Here you have a few I find essential, but as usual, please feel free to add those you are using and recommend.
* Freshbooks and Minibooks: Freshbooks is a perfect way to track time, organize expenses and invoice your clients. “MiniBooks is an iPhone app that connects to your FreshBooks account, letting you take FreshBooks on the road, and to your clients. There’s no need to constantly be connected to the internet, it will sync your data when a connection is available so that you can access your data offline”. Continue reading

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6 June

3 things that need to be redefined in education

education 2.0

Usually administrative changes goes slower than social and technological ones, and that means education is always looking at progress from behind: just take a look at any curriculum and syllabus at any University and you will be surprised to find out that these changes are obsolete: can we connect with students when the methodologies and educational concept itself is completely out of date? A society is defined by the level of education of their younger generations, while in most first world countries most students attend Collage, in the third world almost 60% remain illiterate (a higher percentage for women), so it is a responsibility and a necessity to start looking at things that need to be changed if we want our society to keep up with progress and innovation in all areas, including human development.

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2 June

iCloud: Apple takes a step towards the clouds


As some of you might already know, Steve Jobs will probably present iOS 5.0 and Mac OS X Lion next Monday 6th, but there is something else we are waiting for: iCloud, a new cloud computing and storage service from Apple that some say will replace MobileMe. This is not the first step that the Company has taken towards collaboration, as we already discovered through the launch of iWork and its great performance for collaborative teamwork and workspaces. Some of the rumors about the specs of this new service are: Continue reading

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31 May

What Social Media can do for Education

social media education

Social Games are becoming more than a necessity for most marketeers and businesses, but could they could also be useful for educational purposes? I would like to share with you this project I have just heard about: “School Land“, another of the many Facebook Social Games, but what makes this one unique and captured my attention is the fact that this is probably the best win-win game ever. Continue reading

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26 May

Tips: Becoming freelance/self-employed step by step


If you are considering becoming freelance or self employed, you could probably use some of these tips, since it isn’t as easy as we all would want it to be, nevertheless, it is rewarding yet challenging. Of course, there are many reasons why a person would want to go “solo” and start their own business, but whether you are tired of your boss, want to work from home, or you just can’t find a job, you must start by making sure you are totally prepared to face all the issues, inconveniences and obstacles that will get in your way, and of course, you should start ask yourself a few questions about your business and market. Continue reading

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24 May

22 Best Apps for Education

educación 2.0

I recently knew that some schools and high-schools are encouraging students to use iPads and iPhones in and out of the classroom. There is no doubt that they are perfect tools to engage students: kids and teenagers find it very easy to use and love gadgets, plus it is much easier to get students doing homework when they feel comfortable with the tool. We already have plenty of tools, platforms and apps that can help students and teachers collaborating and working together, real time even, but when it comes to assignments, most of them find it hard to get related to those activities, and here is where PCs, tablets and mobile phones simplified the job and even make it more attractive to the youngsters. So, if you want your students to get more involved in their learning process, you can suggest them one of these 22 best Apps. Continue reading

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