25 collaboration tools you should not miss

We all know how useful and practical Google Docs, Basecamp, Huddle and Zoho can be if you need any kind of collaboration tools or software. But there are many other tools that can really empower our collaboration strategy. I have listed a few one you should not miss!


* Stixy, Stixy helps users organize their world on flexible, shareable Web-based bulletin boards called Stixyboards. Users can create tasks, appointments, files, photos, notes, and bookmarks on their Stixyboards, organized in whatever way makes sense to them. Then they can share Stixyboards.

* Project2Manage, Project2Manage is an online project management application that helps you stay up-to-date, on task and connected with your team. We’ve taken the hard work of staying organized and simplified it for you.

* Laboratree, Management for your colleagues, groups, projects, labs, collaborative docs, meetings, notes and mailing lists. A place conducive to experimentation, investigation, observation, collaboration and anything related to science

* Teamwork PM, Project Management Made Easy! Teamwork Project Manager is an easy-to-use online teamwork & project management software application that helps managers, staff and clients work together more productively online.

* FMYI, FMYI [for my innovation] is a private collaboration site where you store and share information securely with your team. It combines a social networking site look and feel with tools to achieve your goals. Stay on the same page — literally. Create pages to manage projects, track contacts, share files, and more

* Assembla, Manage a project-oriented business: unify a core team, contractors, and clients, look good with branding and client permissions, report on a portfolio of projects and track time estimates and expenditures

* Deskaway, DeskAway is a web-based team and project management software that makes it easy to organize, manage and track projects from a central location.

* 5pm, 5pm can be your central location for project and task management, team collaboration, time tracking, reporting and more…

* Hyperoffice, Collaboration Software built for Small Medium businesses. Share outlook and documents online through out-of-the-box intranet software.

* Ice3 Online Collaboration is an easy-to-use business application for daily communication, collaboration, and document sharing. [ Suggested by Peter Inchley, with thanks ]

* CodeTwo Public Folders, is a Microsoft Outlook extension designed to share Outlook calendars, contacts, tasks, mail and even docs with other users in the company or home network. Use CodeTwo Public Folders to share your Outlook data with others in real-time, manage access rights, work in the offline mode [Suggested by Natally, with thanks]

Mind mapping and whiteboards

* Bubbl.us, Because you can: Create colorful mind maps online, Share and work with friends, Embed your mind map in your blog or website, Email and print your mind map and Save your mind map as an image

* Dabbleboard, Dabbleboard is an online collaboration application that’s centered around the whiteboard. With a new type of drawing interface that’s actually easy and fun to use, Dabbleboard gets out of your way and just lets you draw. Finally the whiteboard enters the digital age!

* Twiddla, Mark up websites, graphics, and photos, or start brainstorming on a blank canvas. Browse the web with your friends or make that conference call more productive than ever. No plug-ins, downloads, or firewall voodoo – it’s all here, ready to go when you are. Browser-agnostic, user-friendly.

* Mind42, Real-time brainstorming. Simultaneously work on maps with friends and colleagues and see changes as they happen.

* Mindomo, Plan and organize your projects. Project management and project planning for all of us. Define goals and objectives. Create work breakdown structures. Manage tasks, resources and priorities and evaluate outcomes

* Mindmeister, real time brainstorming, security features and mobile access. Share and collaborate your mindmaps with your colleagues and friends in real-time (Suggested by Olaf Lewitz, thank you!)

Notes and Bookmarks

* Diigo, Store and tag your bookmarks online, highlight the web just as you would on paper, send your findings in various ways, mark as unread bookmark, add a smart folder for quick acces and saving.

* Protonotes, Protonotes are notes that you add to your prototype that allow project team members to discuss system functionality, design, and requirements directly on the prototype. You can think of it like a discussion board/wiki in direct context of your prototype.

Email, contacts, calendar

* Spicebird , Spicebird provides integrated email, calendaring and instant messaging with intuitive user interface and integration. It runs on Windows and Linux and can connect to any standards based email and calendar server.

Web conferencing

* Vyew, Vyew is a new and powerful for real-team and always-on interaction between people and content. Vyew’s clear-view workspaces enable a transparent collaboration flow with content. Review the past, work together in the present and prepare for the future.With Vyew you can give a presentation to a hundred people online or post a document you’ve been working on for review by your colleagues at their convenience.

* Dimdim, Hold live meetings & events using just your web browser and Dimdim. Collaborate in real-time like you were “there” with anyone, anywhere in the world, share docs, whiteboards – even record your sessions – with no software to install, save money and travel with included video, voice and phone conferencing, enjoy unlimited use: meet as often and as long as you want at the lowest price.

* Show Documents, Web meetings and online document sharing. Free real-time web meetings, presentations and training sessions, interactive whiteboard, drawing tools, text edit and live chat, upload and review live web pages

* Yuuguu, Web conferencing, Training, Online meetings & Product demonstrations

* Mikogo, Mikogo is an easy-to-use cross-platform desktop sharing tool, ideal for web conferencing, online meetings or remote support.

Text editing

* Textflow, makes it easy to integrate document comparison, redlining and merge tools into your Document Management System. With the TextFlow capabilities embedded in your product, your end users can easily track and visualize changes in documents – making the task of drafting, refining, and finalizing documents much more efficient.

I don’t know if you have use some of them, but please, let me know other software or tools you have used or know of, let’s collaborate to have a much complete list!!

is a Microsoft Outlook extension designed to share Outlook calendars, contacts, tasks, mail and even docs with other users in the company or home network. Use CodeTwo Public Folders to share your Outlook data with others in real-time, manage access rights, work in the offline mode

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34 Responses to 25 collaboration tools you should not miss

  1. Peter Inchley says:

    This is a great list.

    We have been using Ice3 Online Collaboration for some time now. There is a mass of different team work tools from blogs, wikis, shared calendars, and document manager, etc.

    We love the personalisation which helped us brand the tool for our business.

    I guess it would fit in your first category – Management.

    They have recently added smartphone mobile support which is proving popular with our regional sales teams. And I think they have a content delivery network for the files across continents too. Not that we use this.

    I guess it is worth adding to the list?



    • Lorie Vela says:

      Thanks you Peter. I’ve already added Ice3 Online Collaboration, thank you so much for suggesting it! I hope we can all collaborate to make this a very enriching and useful list! Please feel free to surf the blog and comment!

      Regards, Lorie

  2. Natally says:

    Yeah, that’s pretty helpful. I didn’t know all the tools before. I can only add CodeTwo Public Folders to this list, just to next to Hyperoffice in the Management section. This program is also designed to enhance a team-work in the office as it enables Outlook data sharing. I personally use it and it’s brilliant!
    Oh, so that’s the link: http://www.codetwo.com/public-folders/?sts=148

  3. Hello Lorie,

    Thanks for including FMYI in your list.

    How did you hear about us?



    • Lorie Vela says:

      Hi Joseph, you’re welcome! I have been interested in Collaboration for a while now and doing some research in blogs and the net. So I added you to my list after reading some interesting reviews from users.

      Thank you very much and best luck!


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  5. Mary John says:

    Hello Lorie, Good post. Out of above listed tools I use DeskAway (www.deskaway.com)for managing my projects and collaboration. I have used other tools too some time back but DeskAway drove me away from all those tools because of its rich features, simplicity and service.

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  7. Trifold says:

    It’s wonderful to locate great posts like this one. Thank you!

  8. Olaf Lewitz says:

    thanks for the amazing list! Will try out a few of those.
    You definitely should include MindMeister to the list of MindMap tools. It’s the best I’ve seen so far.

    • Lorie Vela says:

      Hi Olaf, checked and added! Thank yo so much for the tip, with all of your collaboration, we are making this a very interesting and complete list!

  9. Pablo says:

    Hey, Lorie, nice post.

    In my opinion, you’re also missing Teambox here!

  10. Maureen says:

    Thanks for the useful round-up. I highly recommend Comapping; it’s a great tool. I use it primarily for “dumping” text and/or info for an article, then easily sort, arrange and rearrange it. I’ve also used it to manage a project. Unlike most mind/concept mapping programs, it allows only a left to right orientation. I thought this would be a problem, but after a couple of years now, it’s never bothered me.

  11. Tim says:


    Be great to have Noodle listed under the management category. Thanks.

    Check out our screen casts.


  12. That’s an awesome list, thanks. Interestingly no mention of “heavy hitter” enterprise social networks such as Yammer and (just out in beta) Podio?

  13. Hannes says:

    Hey, Lorie, nice list

    In my opinion, you’re also missing agreedo here!

  14. Dina says:

    Hi Lorie,
    It’s amazing how there’s always new PM and collaboration tools out there, each time I see a list like this there are always new tools that I have never heard of. Thanks for putting this list together. I wanted to recommend adding LiquidPlanner for project management and collaboration. LiquidPlanner allows you to collaborate on tasks with their Yammer-like chatter feature, record critical details in the notes area, add links or documents, and more. And it’s all built on a robust scheduling engine and task management system (I’m a pretty big fan, as you can see).

  15. Ad says:

    I miss etherpad here (pad.telecomix.org). Useful free tool for collaboration on text.

  16. Toby says:

    Hi, we’ve created another tool for collaboration (share email and social media accounts between virtual teams scattered across the globe) called unifiedinbox.com – unifying all communication in a global team inbox. Subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll send you an invite for a free trial soon.

  17. Deborah Fike says:

    Great list of some excellent tools, Lorie! I’d like to add one geared toward small teams and businesses: Fellowstream for management.

  18. Awesome list of tools and resources! Didn’t see THOUGHTstream though http://www.thotstr.com/ It’s a different kind of collaboration tool. It allows large or small groups to engage in a facilitated online process. It’s particularly good for when you need a decision that has to be reached collaboratively. It’s quite brilliant and I fell in love with it the first time I used it.

    Best part of it, from my perspective as someone who does some of work in the government sector, is that it captures the process and outcomes automatically and with one click I have a very professional looking report. I really, really, love that part!

  19. Lorie,

    I have used or reviewed a number of these tools: 5PM (which I found a bit lacking), Hyperoffice, Mindmiester (which I like), Vyew, DimDim (which got bought by Salesforce.com), Yuuguu which I used for my last Collaboratory and did not like (although the guys running it are very nice), Mikogo is great for under 10 people, however, I have been using Glance.net which I find even easier and more robust.

    What were the criteria for your choosing these 25 tools (there are over 2000 to choose from)? You found many I did not even know about, and I try hard to keep up with all of these tools!


    • Lorie Vela says:

      Hi David and thank you for stopping by

      Some of the tools were recommended by colleagues and I tested them. My criteria was which ones were easier and faster for me to use, according to the interface and performance. Just like any other lists, it’s quite subjective because you might find more useful some others that are not even included here. For example, I didn’t know Teamwork PM and after I tested it, I found it very useful and effective for my teamwork and department. It was easy to use and intuitive, my partners and colleagues learned how to use it very quickly.

      From my point of view, the problem is that I need to switch tools and applications to do it all, I mean, I need more than one tool and sometimes I wish I had a super tool that would do everything. We’ll still have that on the agenda, don’t we?
      Of course, this list is uncompleted, but I hope that others will comment and suggest them, so we could maybe get the best out of the best!

      Thank you very much for your comment, David, a very interesting question ;o)
      Best regards


  20. David Robins says:

    Lorie, great list. Please check http://www.binfire.com It is a new project collaboration site and has great tools for collaboration like group chat, interactive whiteboard, status reporting, tasks and milestones plus dependencies, project document management and a lot more

  21. Jesson says:

    It is obviously true that for each project manager take care of a lot of things like managing the documents, collaboration as well as communicating with the team, conducting frequent meetings with the team so as to ensure that every one is updated regarding any recent changes made in the action plan. To manage all of those I am using some tremendous tools. Which are available in http://www.teamplifier.com

  22. Catherine says:

    Hi Lorie, would be great to add FeatureSet under the project management category: http://www.featureset.com



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